What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of tweaking websites to rank high in popular search engines for keywords that are related to your company's products and services.

Why is SEO important for my website?

SEO is a cost effective source of highly targeted, engaged potential customers for your website.

How do I select keywords for my website?

Keyword research and analysis is a vital part of your SEO process. Keywords that are highly relevant to your site are not enough - they must also be terms that are frequently used in searches, and they should not have too much competition from other companies. Profitable keywords can be found by narrowing search terms and looking for popular synonyms and misspellings that have been overlooked by competitors. A SEO firm can make the process of keyword selection easy and effective.

How quickly will I see results from SEO?

It takes some time for search engines to find your website and index your content so that your site pages show up in the search engine results pages. The average time to start seeing results from your search engine positioning is one to three months.

What can I do while waiting for my SEO to kick In?

PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertisements are an effective way to attract traffic from search engines while waiting for your natural search engine positioning efforts to take effect.

If I optimize my website, am I guaranteed a listing in the search engines?

No. Search engines can actually remove websites from being listed in the search results for using manipulative search engine optimization techniques.

What are manipulative search engine optimization techniques?

Generally put, manipulative search engine optimization includes all tactics that attempt to trick search engines into giving sites a higher ranking than they have earned. Examples include putting keywords into hidden text on the website, creating doorway pages to rank well in the search.

Why should I hire an SEO firm?

A qualified SEO firm has years of experience to help your company achieve top search engine positioning quickly and effectively, while avoiding manipulative search engine tactics. Hiring an SEO firm tends to have a high return on investment, while allowing your company's employees to spend their time running your business.

What kinds of services do SEO firms handle?

SEO firms cover important search engine positioning services such as keyword research and analysis, tweaking the coding of your website to be search engine friendly, creating Meta Tags for each page, writing site content, creating and implementing a link building plan, and site submission into top search engines and directories.

How can I tell if my SEO firm was effective?

A good SEO firm should be able to provide your company with regular reports showing how your search engine positioning has improved over time. You should also be able to see increased traffic originating from the search engines in your server logs.

How much does an SEO firm cost?

The cost of hiring an SEO firm depends on the size of your website and the services that your company needs. To receive a personalized quote for your business website, speak to one of our live customer service representatives, or fill out our online form.